Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Some of us have to work harder on our self-esteem, maybe because we are really hard on ourselves. We might have accomplishments that would be enough for someone else, but we demand more of ourselves, so we won't esteem ourselves highly enough until we think we've earned it. Its kind-of annoying, but that's how some of us are.

That was just a random thought. So if you're having trouble with your self-esteem, keep doing things to earn your own esteem. And maybe stop doing things that you don't esteem yourself for doing. Keep at it. It can take years but is well worth the work.

Once you esteem yourself enough, you'll treat yourself better and be healthier. But like a chicken-egg thing, you could start by treating yourself better and getting healthier and then you could get better self-esteem that way also. Either way, these are both positive spirals. The universe abounds with upward spirals! You'll find a place to punch in to one and feel that upward momentum sweep you up on your way!

Here's another random thought. There are millions of zones that humans operate in. Some of us are at the top of the class in certain zones, in the middle of some zones, and at the low end in other zones. There are academic zones, spiritual zones, mental zones, social zones, work zones, play zones, emotional zones, adventure zones, physical zones, an infinite number of zones really! So there's no point comparing ourselves to anyone else. There are zones in which children beat grown-ups, in which elderly people beat those in their prime, etc...

The point? No person is really better than another, only better in certain zones. So don't compare yourself to other people. And do find your zones of genius. And cultivate them, emphasize them, and use them to do good!

Again, be patient! Finding your zones of genius can be a multi-year journey of exploration. If you find what you love, those will often be zones of genius for you. Follow your heart. You become like that which you love. What have you always loved? Who have you always loved?

In Joy!