Wednesday, March 25, 2009


All these lists and goals and, at some point you have to live in to it, these things have to become part of your have to feel your goals/desires/dreams in the moment, as you are living your life, and in relation to your life.

For instance, I could theoretically want to find what I really want to do. I could make lists of what I like and don't like, list my dreams, hopes, goals, and aspirations. But more effective is having my primary thought be what I really want to do in life, and then letting life in each and every moment point me in the right direction. Letting my self at each and every moment first live in to the question fully, and then live in to the answer fully. This process wouldn't happen on its own. There must be other simultaneous processes and searching going on.

For instance, I want to be a nicer person. Similarly, that can not be done through reading about it, writing about it, making do lists about it, - I mean these things can help get you on the path, but ultimately this is something learned through practice in the field. It takes courage, tremendous courage to start practicing in the field. We usually start badly when we start something new in life. But we have to accept ourselves, humble ourselves, be willing to embarrass ourselves enough to begin to do it, whatever that new thing in your life is. And then you get better, of course, through practice.

And your quest for being a nicer person has somehow also helped you to know what you really want. Perhaps you are also seeking a better diet. The self-knowledge you gain through all three of these searches makes each area progress.

I could make my goal to be a successful musician, to lose weight, to make a certain amount of money, to pay off my debt. Sure, those are great goals to have. But you must also set goals to be happy, loving, confident or whatever other emotional goals you have. Without these, the successes you achieve will not make a real difference to you. But with these, which are by the way much more achievable at a much faster rate, you will be able to better and faster achieve your more material goals too. In fact, with these emotional goals set and achieved, you will automatically achieve success, wealth, fulfillment in your work, and your other material goals!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I'm sure most older people will agree when I say that people don't usually tell you how things really work in life. That is because it would sound too strange. You see, truth really is stranger than fiction. When it comes to describing life's intricate processes, you make a lot more sense when you make things up!

For instance, you should never give up on your dreams. To tell you how I have found this to be true, I have to tell you a strange story from my life. I had been eating too much, - although raw, not the right raw, and too much of not the right raw, and too much noshing all the time. Well, I finally prayed about it - really asked for help, from my heart. I couldn't at that time possibly imagine how I would break what had become such a bad habit.

Meanwhile I had started following my heart by singing. I was spending a couple of hours a day on my music. One night I told myself I had no business spending this much time doing music as I was in the middle of building a village! After moping about this for a little while, I suddenly stood up for myself to myself and told myself that I could too have a couple of hours a day to do my music as long as I kept taking care of business, which I would have the energy for if I would eat better.

And there was my motivation! I had somehow developed a passion for my music, and it would be easy to give up overeating if it meant I would have more time to spend on my music! Suddenly I could easily give up this forbidden fruit for another and tastier forbidden fruit!

This motivation wouldn't have worked a couple of weeks before, as my music studio wasn't set up and I didn't know my software. These things finally coming in to place paved the way for the motivation, for the good things to come together!

Who knows what motivates you! You may not even know yet, as I didn't. You may have to grow in to it! You may be motivated by disease, even when another person would give up in the face of disease. You may watch a movie or meet a person and learn something new that motivates you to change.

Motivation is key! And prayer helps! And if you trust the processes of life, you will see that things will unfold magically, weaving your dreams together in ways you couldn't invent on your own!