Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nature Infusion

Tonight I stood outside looking at the moon ~ and at first I felt afraid being outside alone in the dark. But even as I started lamenting my loss of connection with nature - it flooded in on me - the same feeling I used to feel wandering alone in wild places as a child, before I became afrid, before I had spent my days indoors, before I saw too many shows about all the dangers lurking in the woods, before I was afraid of the dark. And now I was overjoyed, overcome by that old feeling of connectedness with nature.

What does it feel like? It feels like I really truly belong here in this world, like I am important somehow, like all this was made for me. It is as though nature actually speaks to me in a unique voice used only when speaking to me! I feel I'm in a story - my story. I can truly breath. My whole being breathes. Only in solitude does it speak to me like this. It says - I am God's love, his room, his voice. The breath of a light breeze becomes my own. the clouds skirting the moon call me - we are here for you any time you want to feel real! The moon itself laughing at me, making me feel properly small.

I was seven years old when I first wandered into the woods alone - and I've been wandering ever since. It was North Sweden, long summer days, blueberries, little streams, mountains, fields, pretending I was a fairy of the forest all day. And growing up, I was always able to find a wild place to be alone - often it was where I felt most comfortable, comforted.

How can we give our children time out alone in nature? A back yard can do fine sometimes. A wilderness trail where they can walk ahead of us, just out of sight. A park where they can sit and draw or write - or just sit and observe whatever there is to observe, a balcony in the moonlight, a rock on the beach - within sight, but in their own space. Swimming, rowing, climbing a tree, lying in the grass, picking fruit.

Nature Deficit Disorder.....The Childhood Obesity Epidemic.....Kids on meds....chemical foods - connecting the dots.....

This is one reason we are working on producing the online sit-com webisodic series for kids called "The Kidz" as our new focus. I think we've said everything we can about raw foods in our eBooks and we're trying to do an even more definitive and comprehensive version in our five guides, but we want to do something that uses more of our creative energy, that lets us work with our kids, that can reach more people!

In Joy!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Island of Seals! - The Kidz, Episode 1

The first episode of The Kidz is ready for you to watch now!!!

When a TV network approached us recently about making a show with our kids, we gave it some thought but realized that we would actually be helping sell junk food to kids! Wrestling with this situation made us realize that we ourselves should produce a show starring our children! Here we have this wonderful cast of kids who are already well-known in the raw world at least, and we already have a home studio and the ability to do productions! - So, it was one of those no-brainers! We took one of our kids' many wildly creative ideas and turned it into the pilot show for a new series that we are airing on our website! - I love the Internet! Isn't it amazing that we little people actually have the ability to produce and air our own entertainment! I still can't get over working from home - and now I get to work with my children too!!!

In the first episode you'll learn a bit about each child's character, and see the kids planning a journey to get shots of harbor seals for their online magazine, Sea Green eZine. They borrow their parents' boat, sail to the islands, and have to do a long hike to get to the seal beach. They sleep in nature and forage for wild foods, so here you'll learn what delicious wild miner's lettuce looks like. They find elephant seals and you'll see some beautiful footage of Raven getting her close-ups with these giant seals!

This show is for people who are tired of junk food and medication ads in the shows their kids watch! This show is a wonderful outdoors adventure sit-com! It was also developed by kids for kids, with a lot of help from their parents' studio. This show incorporates live raw food, home-schooling, and bringing children up to thrive in the new millennium. Kids will learn about nature, wilderness, animals, ecology, the environment, endangered species, travel, geography, world cultures, health, survival skills, and much more!

But it is also the things you don't see in this show that count! Not only won't you see any junk food, meat, animal products, processed food, or cooked food, but you also won't see any violence, negative attitudes, or any commercials except for some fruit breaks!

At the same time, it is just as entertaining as the TV shows your kids love. I can't tell you how much fun we're having making this series! I'll be putting up some behind-the-scenes out-takes on youtube soon!

I know people really like our instructional DVDs and eBooks, but when you are trying to live a raw vegan lifestyle in a cooked world, it is also important to surround yourself with a new level of entertainment, - one that isn't built around and funded by the very foods that are making our society so sick.

If you enjoy the show, please forward this email to other parents, groups, and people online who want better programming for their kids! We all want to spend more time with our children. But when we need some head-space, most of us inevitably put them in front of a show - whether its on TV, DVD, or the Internet. Let's at least put them in front of a show where they will not only learn something, but where they won't be programmed by the corporations that run the media!

By charging only $2.48 per episode we can offer this show for next to nothing, and yet if we get enough people to sign up, we can go to really fun exotic places and film and bring you a really entertaining and educational weekly show!

If we do really well, then we'll hire other raw vegan kids and families from our newsletter subscriber-base to guest-star in the show! If you are interested in coming aboard for an episode email me!

It is our goal for a million people to become subscribers to this show. Then we'll be able to fund other projects like the Raw Vegan Village with a raw school and retreat center, scientific research on raw foods, and our sailing journey collecting seeds, planting trees, and documenting the fruit of the world. We'd like this show to be like the Cosby Show of the green age. If this sit-com does only a fraction as well as the network shows, we'll still be successful with it, as we don't have to give the lion's share to the network. Please watch it and let us know what you think of the show on our forum at

Eventually we would like to have a whole station with wholesome children's shows, hiring other producers to help populate the channel with a whole new level of content. It could be like a green Disney Channel. If this is something you would like to see happen, sign up for this show and spread the word! Forward this email on!

We're also collecting footage for the show of real life kids from all over the world playing in nature! This'll be a great way for kids to get a glimpse of other cultures within an entertaining context.

Although aimed at kids, this is a "family" show that people of all ages will enjoy!

Catch the first episode today! Visit
...where you can also see a new preview of the show!

In Joy!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Can you Guess?

Perfect, round, juicy, pleasant, satisfying, beneficial, hydrating, filling, healing, cleansing, ripe, luscious, sweet, refreshing, delectable, invigorating, energizing, clarifying, moisturizing, beautiful, beautifying, nourishing, succulent, fun, fresh, wholesome, quick, easy, soft, yummy, healthy, light, translucent.....

Can you guess what I'm talking about! Of course....Fruit! If you don't agree, - maybe you aren't eating organic fruit? Find a farmer's market near you at...

In Joy!