Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Love's Layered Lessons!

Love! I am learning more from my 1 yr. old Yarrow about love! You think you know love, then something happens, someone happens, and you realize you knew so little. An endless journey, this unfolding of love in our hearts!

Yarrow has been looking at me with this very blissful kind of love, very joyful. And I'm joining her in that joy - and we just sort of bliss out together in love - its very magical - I'm sure many mother's know what I'm talking about - But then today she was a bit upset about something and I looked in her eyes and there was sadness there, but then the love/joy was still there too between us! Like a continuation, unbroken. And it was as though our love made the sadness and joy blend together and become one! As though love is accepting and understanding and sharing each-others bliss as well as pain. It reminded me again that life and death are one.

I am getting many similar reminders of late. Looking at people, people-watching, trying to figure this life out, I notice that there are good people in every type of person. You just can't stereotype or label people really, as far as their goodness goes.

But if you like this kind of learning about love stuff, you might enjoy my ebook of all the things I've learned from Yarrow so far -- which is called The Yoga of Nursing, or alternately titled Nursing For Emotional Intelligence - which also gets in to learning to eat to nourish our emotions in a good way, and why emotional eating isn't really at all bad if done right. The eBook is available on my garden diet site when you buy all the eBooks - - I haven't gotten around to putting it up for sale as a single eBook yet -- I will put a link in here to do that, just in case you'd like to order it individually:

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In Joy!

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